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So you are moving into a new home! Or perhaps you are a new homeowner and have a whirl of things to consider. A normal thought of concern for new homeowners is what type of heating and cooling system is the best for your home. If it’s an HVAC, what would be the consequences, or if it’s a furnace model, how would you go about managing it? What does HVAC even mean? 

Don't worry you're not alone! Many homeowners have never given a second thought to their systems and just want to be ensured that their house will be hot/cold at the push of a button - and cheaply!

What are the different types of home heating systems?

There may be a single unit responsible for both the heating and cooling of the place. These systems are commonly referred to as HVAC- heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning.

A forced-air system is the most commonly used HVAC system. It has a furnace that heats the air and a fan unit that pushes the heated air throughout the house via ducts. Another set of ducts brings cool air back from the rooms to the furnace for warming. These systems use filters to clear out the air, have humidification control, and can provide variable temperatures.

The gravity air furnace system is similar to the forced one but excludes the fan. It works with gravity and physics; warm air moves up and cold air moves down. These are usually found in the older homes but no longer used in newer homes because of efficiency issues and unfiltered air.

The radiant heating systems use boilers, radiators, and circulate heated water through tubes in walls and floors to provide the heating. It takes longer to heat the room and it takes more time to cool down too. These are efficient systems but may create problems when there’s an issue in the tubes. Plus, these only provide heating. The more advanced versions of radiant heating are common in apartments.

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Your HVAC systems uses fresh outdoor air to ventilate the indoors with adequate moisture and temperature control, and filtration of germs, dust, and other harmful particles. These utilities can add up to half of your bills. Here are a few tips and tricks that not only save your time, energy, and money, but also give you the best temperature in the house.



JDK Heating & Cooling provides sales, service, and installation of high-quality, energy-efficient heating, and air conditioning systems in both new and existing homes. Our team of professionals is ready to serve all your furnace repair and air conditioner installation needs. Schedule an appointment today!

Dealing with the HVAC for your home can be complicated if you are a first-time home owner. HVAC, or the heating, ventilation and, air conditioning, provide thermal comfort inside buildings and houses. The heating component is usually the furnace or boiler, the ventilation uses fans, and the air conditioning element works on refrigerants and coils to cool the air.

Fun fact: Are HVAC and A/C the same? Well, not really; air conditioning usually refers to the air-cooling device while HVAC is the larger device including both cooling and heating mechanisms.

It is important to understand the mechanism of HVAC and deal with the issues accordingly:

The air return and the filter- the air inlet/return that sucks in fresh air through a filter. The inlets should be clear of debris; its blockage results in the less fresh air inside the building. And the filters need timely cleaning and replacing to continue the clean air supply.

Exhaust outlets - these release the heat created by the HVAC to the outside. If the outlets are blocked by debris, it could result in the system shutting down because of the heat built up.

The outdoor unit- it includes the fan for the airflow, and the compressor, coils and refrigerant fluid for the air-cooling mechanism. If the air is not cooling then most commonly it’s an issue in the compressor or the fluid. All the apparatus need a routine cleaning, the fan is affected by the debris and plant growths around it, while the refrigerant levels should also be checked from time to time.

Ducts- the ducts provide channels for spreading the treated air to every part of the house. The room supplied by the duct would not get heated or cold air if that duct were blocked. It is recommended to get the ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

Pro tip: If you are having an issue with the HVAC system, ask an expert!

JDK Heating & Cooling provides sales, service, and installation of high quality, energy efficient heating, and air conditioning systems in both new and existing homes. Our team of professionals are ready to serve all your furnace repair and air conditioner installation needs. Schedule an appointment today!

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