Does the Placement of Your Thermostat Matter?

Home 9 Does the Placement of Your Thermostat Matter?

As a homeowner, you know your thermostat. In the winter, you turn your furnace on; when the heat of summer hits, you rely on your air conditioning to keep you cool. Your home’s thermostat is the heart of your home’s efficiency and comfort – it’s your way to control your home’s temperature, so you need it to be as accurate as possible. 

It’s not just a unit that hangs anywhere on your wall – it needs to be installed somewhere it will be able to perform at its best.

Why Is the Location of Your Thermostat Important?

Your thermostat does more than let you adjust the temperature. It also reads the room to monitor airflow and track the temperature of the air. It instructs your furnace or air conditioner to work to the temperature you’ve selected. 

Place your thermostat on an unsuitable wall in the wrong part of your home, and you can experience ghost readings from your device, leading to an overworking of your HVAC systems. 

Where Should You Place a Thermostat?

You may not be as limited as you think when it comes to placing your thermostat. Whether you want to move your thermostat or install a new one, there are some places you should avoid. 

Stay Away from Exterior Walls

Exterior walls can be drafty and give your thermostat false readings every season. Keeping your device near the centre of your home will provide you with the most valid outputs.

Avoid Placements Near Heat Sources

Heat vents, fireplaces, and direct sunlight can drain energy efficiency and make your costs go up to equalize the temperature.

Keep Your Thermostat Away from Drafts

Areas of your home with drafts and poor air circulation – spaces near doorways, flights of stairs, or corners won’t give the consistent air readings your thermostat needs to perform correctly. 

When Should You Upgrade Your Thermostat?

With new smart technology that integrates seamlessly into your home, many homeowners are making the switch to more eco-friendly – and user-friendly – thermostat options. With a professional HVAC technician’s guidance, you can find the ideal thermostat for your home and lifestyle.