Furnace EMERGENCY: 4 Signs & What to Do

There is nothing more irritating than when something doesn’t work the way it should. But, how do you know when something is a slight annoyance or an actual emergency?

If your furnace is displaying any of these 4 signs, it’s an emergency. Act immediately.

JDK Heating & Cooling has a 24/7 emergency service that is here for our Edmonton area clients. Call 587-982-4949 if you need help.

#1 Possible Gas Leak

This is a serious one: If you suspect gas is leaking from your furnace, get your family outside IMMEDIATELY.
Signs of a gas leak are:

  1. Smell: Rotten eggs or sulphur
  2. Sound: Hissing or whistling
  3. Sight: Damaged connections to your furnace

While exiting, do not flick light switches, use electronics (like your phone), or spark lighters or matches. Just focus on getting out of the house.
Once you and your family are safely removed and away from your home, CALL 911. Your local authorities will help you and guide you through what’s next.
Tip: Better safe than sorry. Even if you’re unsure, make the call.

#2 Loud & Unusual Noises

If your furnace starts making loud and unusual noises—like rattling, banging, screeching, popping, or squealing—you want to contact a licensed furnace professional immediately.

Any unusual sound could be an indicator that a part is loose or damaged within your furnace system. If left too long, the problem could worsen, and end up costing you a lot of money.

#3 Electrical Problems

Furnace EMERGENCY: 4 Signs & What to Do

Electrical problems within your home could be a sign of furnace problems. Here are some things to keep an eye on:

    • Excessive breaker trips
    • Sound of buzzing or humming
    • Flickering lights when your furnace kicks in

These aren’t things to take lightly or dismiss. Electrical problems need an inspection right away.

#4 Cold Air or Furnace Failure

In some cases, a furnace will just stop doing its job. Either it will start blowing cold air OR refuse to operate at all.

Either of these indicators classifies as an emergency, especially if you get caught in cold weather. Call a furnace emergency service and follow these tips to stay warm:

  1. Use other appliances in your house, such as your oven, washer, or dryer.
  2. Layer up with clothes and blankets.
  3. Seal off rooms in your home that you aren’t using: Shut the vents & doors.
  4. Stay hydrated and drink warm beverages.
  5. Get moving with exercise.

EVEN IF it’s the middle of summer, we consider it an emergency when a furnace blows cold air or just refuses to work. We urge you to call us, even if your home is still at a comfortable temperature.

It’s Something Else

If you’re unsure whether something going on with your furnace is an emergency, give us a call. We’ll ask you a few questions about the issue and help you decide on your next steps.
Contact JDK Heating & Cooling’s emergency line right now. We’re on standby 24/7 for when you need immediate service.