HVAC Systems

Professional HVAC Contractors located in Edmonton

Get your HVAC system in shape with the help of JDK Heating & Cooling of Edmonton. We offer free consultations and free estimates for HVAC installation and upgrading projects. Our courteous, professional HVAC contractors will walk you through needed HVAC repairs and make suggestions to improve your indoor air quality or your system’s energy efficiency. No matter what the situation, we’re ready to help.


Any number of things can go wrong with an HVAC system. It takes skill, experience, and training to know how to proceed with an HVAC repair. Our technicians are knowledgeable about all kinds of heating and cooling systems, and they are certified as proof of their qualifications with HVAC repairs and HVAC installations. When you need reliable HVAC repair, turn to JDK Heating & Cooling.


Protect your HVAC installation from the very beginning with a service agreement and scheduled routine maintenance. Annual service checks keep your cooling and heating systems clean and in good condition. Staying on top of minor HVAC repairs can help you to avoid inconvenient outages. Your system will thank you by running more efficiently and lasting longer.

HVAC contractors at JDK Heating & Cooling are ready to assist you with your HVAC repairs and HVAC installation projects. From start to finish, you can be confident in our expertise. We’re making the City of Edmonton and surrounding area more comfortable places to live, one house at a time.


A new system is a big investment, and the decision-making and HVAC installation process can be confusing. We can recommend upgrades to your current system or a whole new HVAC installation setup that will fit your needs. We’ll work with you to explain the features and benefits of the many products available to you. We will also give you a complete estimate. Your HVAC installation will be finished on time for the price you were quoted. We guarantee your satisfaction.


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