Trane® Gas Furnace S9X2

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Brand: TRANE

This is Alberta’s favorite furnace for a reason! With two stages of gas heat for ultimate comfort along with a CTM blower, the S9X2 is a great choice for almost any household.


  • Up to 96% AFUE (great fuel efficiency)
  • 2 stage gas heating for ideal comfort and quiet operation
  • ECM Constant Torque, high-efficiency motor
  • Vortica™ II blower (An exclusive design)
  • Stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers
  • Three-way poise (U, HL, HR) plus dedicated DF
  • 24v IFC (Compatible with most thermostats)
  • Matches with single stage or 2 stage AC or HP
  • 34” height to accommodate smaller spaces or with larger coils
  • Easy for dealers to install and service
  • Certified 1% airtight; This meets the most stringent building codes
  • ENERGY STAR certified

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