The air inside your home is susceptible to pollutants just like the air outside – but the impurities are different. Just like when you encounter a smoky day outside or the first spring days with a lot of pollen, you have a physical reaction.

These symptoms can be uncomfortable and damaging, and while you can’t control the air outside, there are steps you can take to protect your home from indoor air pollutants.

What are the most common air pollutants to watch out for?

Carbon Monoxide

One of the most dangerous indoor air pollutants is carbon monoxide. It’s deadly, and since it’s odourless and tasteless, you may not be aware of its presence until you experience symptoms. Dizziness, loss of consciousness, and death can result from carbon monoxide poisoning, so being vigilant about the causes of this threat is critical.

Biological Pollutants

Fungi, mould, and bacteria are among the most significant biological pollutants – produced by living things, these contaminants can come from your pets, pollen, and mites. Excessive moisture tends to be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria, so unvented bathrooms are at higher risk.


You can sometimes see visible dust in your home – the kind that settles on furniture or turns into dust bunnies – but there are also dust particles in the air. Lots of dust can lead to dryness in the eyes and nose and cause sneezing or sinus congestion. If you have existing allergies, dust can be incredibly annoying because the symptoms you experience outside can’t be escaped inside your home either.

How Do You Get Rid of Indoor Air Pollutants?

Air pollutants will always be there, but there are ways to minimize them and get the best indoor air quality.

Change Your Furnace Filters

Your furnace filters try to catch dust particles and debris from the furnace. When furnace filters are not changed enough, they can’t filter out any more contaminants, so they pass through your vents to warm your home. Changing the air filters regularly can go a long way to improving air quality over the long term.

Air Cleaners

You’re not using your furnace all year round, and some pollutants have nothing to do with your furnace. Having an air purifier increases the comfort of your home by getting rid of airborne particles. Air purifiers can reduce the symptoms that come with poor air quality, making you feel better when you’re relaxing in your home.

Bottom Line

Your home’s indoor air will never be 100% pure, but by changing the furnace filters, having an air cleaner, and constant dusting, you can get noticeably better air quality.

If you’re unsure how an air cleaner will impact your home, reach out to the experienced technicians at JDK Heating & Cooling to answer your questions.