3 Benefits of a New Furnace

Many of us dread the day we need to replace our furnaces. We fear it because we believe it’ll cost us a ton of money (draining that emergency fund) and be a difficult process to find the right furnace.

However, not only is a furnace worth the investment and an easy installation with a trained professional, but replacing an old furnace can come with a lot of benefits! We have three reasons you can feel good when it’s time to upgrade your furnace:

  1. Increase efficiency & reliability.
  2. Save money over time.
  3. Environmentally friendly.


#1 Increase Efficiency & Reliability

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is the measurement of thermal efficiency in a unit like a furnace. AFUE is important because it represents how much fuel can be transferred into usable heat—in other words, how efficient your furnace is.

Older models of furnaces (we consider anything older than 20 years to be “old”), usually have an AFUE of 65%. This isn’t a fantastic rating, because it means that it has an output of 65 British Thermal Units (BTU) for every 100 BTUs it puts in.

A more recent furnace will have a MUCH higher AFUE. This is a good thing! You can expect your new furnace to have an AFUE that is over 90%—meaning your furnace is wasting less energy.

You can also count on your furnace to be more reliable throughout the colder months. A more efficient furnace means it won’t need to work as hard as an older model to heat your entire home. This means your furnace won’t need to overwork, with the chance of breaking down, to keep your house nice and toasty.


#2 Save Money Over Time

One of the biggest reasons to invest in a new furnace is that you’ll save money over time! You can expect to see lower energy bills almost immediately because of the new model’s improved efficiency.

PRO TIP: Combine your new furnace with a smart thermostat and you’ll see even more savings! Your smart thermostat will help you control your house’s temperature from anywhere, helping you manage your electricity bill.

 A newer furnace will also help with your home’s resale value. Most home buyers have a solid list of “must-haves” for their new home; one thing that seems to constantly make the list is a relatively new and heavily reliable heating & cooling system. Buyers are especially impressed when your furnace has an active warranty in place.


#3 Enviro-Friendly

And finally, by investing in a new furnace you can be sure you’re doing right by the environment.

A new furnace will put less of a strain on your community’s power system because it will require less fossil fuel to operate. This reduces the consumption of natural resources, minimizing your carbon footprint.




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