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U98V – Modulation Furnace

Designed for ultimate efficiency, this furnace features a modulating gas valve and variable speed blower motor, providing See Product

U96V – Two Stage Variable Furnace

With a variable speed blower motor and two-stage gas valve, this furnace provides maximum comfort while minimizing energy See Product

R96T – Two Stage Furnace

The R96T is a two-stage gas furnace with a high efficiency rating of 96% AFUE. Its advanced features provide improved See Product

EcoNet Smart Thermostat

The EcoNet Smart Thermostat is a highly advanced and user-friendly thermostat from RUUD. This smart thermostat allows See Product

RCF – Cooling Coil

This state-of-the-art cooling coil is constructed from durable materials and engineered to withstand even the toughest See Product

RA16 – 16 SEER Single Stage AC

The RA16 16 SEER Single-Stage AC is a high-performance air conditioning system from RUUD. This unit is designed to provide See Product

RA13 – 13 SEER Single Stage AC

The RA13 13 SEER Single-Stage AC is a top-of-the-line air conditioning unit from RUUD. This AC unit provides reliable See Product


The Ruud Achiever® Series Air Conditioner is an excellent choice to keep your indoor environment cool due to its intelligent See Product