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The Reznor® UDX gas heating unit is ideal for garage/space heating. This particular model comes in 14 sizes (from 30,000 – 400,000 BTUH gas input). The UDX uses an axial propellor fan and the exterior is scratch resistant with rounded corners for an appealing finish.

  • TCORE2® titanium stabilized aluminized steel heat exchanger
  • Multi-try, direct spark ignition with time lockout
  • Vibration/noise isolated fan and venter motors
  • External status indicating LED that blinks if there is an issue needing service
  • 7-segment display board; Shows fault code for simple troubleshooting
  • Optional integrated downturn nozzle & integrated vertical louvers
  • Sizes 30-400 certified for commercial/industrial heating applications
  • Sizes 30-125 approved for use in residential garages/workshops

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