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The syncFURNACE™ OD is a unique option providing multiple applications in one – a furnace and a water heater! Home comfort has never been easier. Plus, this brand is proudly Alberta owned and operated.

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Trane® Gas Furnace XC95m

If energy efficiency is your main goal when buying a new furnace, the XC95m will be the perfect fit. It provides ultimate comfort and the energy savings can’t be beat.

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Trane® Gas Furnace S9V2

The S9V2 is better than ever! With ramped up efficiency, both heating and cooling options, and quiet operation, this is a unit that will work perfectly into your home environment.

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Trane® Gas Furnace S9X2

This is Alberta’s favourite furnace for a reason! With two stages of gas heat for ultimate comfort along with a CTM blower, the S9X2 is a great choice for almost any household.

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Trane® Gas Furnace S9X1

Comfort, affordability, and energy efficiency come together in this gas furnace that will ensure a comfortable home environment.

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Air Conditioning

Trane® XR16 Low Profile Air Conditioner

When you’re low on space, the ZR16 is the perfect solution. Designed to fit smaller areas, this durable home air conditioning unit features side discharge capabilities and is energy efficient.

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Trane® XR16 Air Conditioner

The innovative XR16 Air Conditioner works seamlessly as part of your home HVAC system. If you’re looking for comfort in every season and something that is trusted by Albertan residents, this is the A/C unit for you.

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Trane® Air Conditioner XR14

Value, value, value! The XR14 perfectly combines great value and great efficiency for a home cooling system that you will appreciate on those hot summer days.

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Electronic Air Cleaners

Trane® CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner

Clean air = comfortable home. The Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaner gets rid of up to 99.98% of unwanted airborne particles. It utilizes unique technology that will help you breathe easy all year long.

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Garage Heaters


The Caribe infrared heater is designed for residential garage spaces and some commercial spaces. It’s an easy to install unit that features a unique u-tube design for optimal performance. Because of the concentric vent tubing, exhaust and combustion air can easily leave and enter from the same area.

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Hot Dawg™ Garage Heater

When you need a reliable heater for your residential or commercial workspace or garage, the Hot Dawg™ is an ideal choice! This durable heating unit is compact, efficient, and quiet while in operation. Enjoy your space – not the noise!

This heating unit comes in 6 sizes (from 30,000 – 125,000 BTU’s). Plus, each model is able to run on natural gas or propane.

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Reznor® UDX

The Reznor® UDX gas heating unit is ideal for garage/space heating. This particular model comes in 14 sizes (from 30,000 – 400,000 BTUH gas input). The UDX uses an axial propellor fan and the exterior is scratch resistant with rounded corners for an appealing finish.

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Hot Water Tanks

Power Direct Vent

This water heater has it all, and more! From a powerful blower motor to cast aluminum air intake boot, it’s a reliable system that is made to last.

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Power Vent Gas

Power and efficiency make this a stand-out water heater for your residential space.

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Atmospheric Vent Gas

The Atmospheric Vent Gas system is an ideal gas water heater for residential spaces. Its technology driven design makes it work well for the modern household.

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Aprilaire 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier

This steam humidifier is ideal for spaces up to 6,200 square ft. Because this model uses electrode technology, purified water is not required. This model is perfect for homes in desert climates.

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Aprilaire 700 Whole House Fan Powered Humidifier

This fan powered humidifier is ideal for spaces up to 4,200 square ft. For dry climates and those who need extra humidity in their home, an Aprilaire humidifier is a great option.

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Aprilaire 500 Whole House Humidifier

This automatic compact humidifier is ideal for spaces up to 3,000 square ft. Equipped with dual sensors and easy to use digital controls, this is the perfect humidifier for your space.

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Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Looking for an eco-friendly thermostat option? Choose the Ecobee Smart Thermostat! This model is helps you save on energy costs while providing built-in tech that makes it easy to use.

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Aprilaire WIFI Thermostat with IAQ Control [Model 8910W]

When you want total temperature control, the Aprilaire WIFI thermostat is ideal! Integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, this thermostat allows you to gain full control over your smart home.

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80 Series™ Thermostats

This Emerson thermostat is a great basic thermostat for those that don’t need something complicated. Equipped with a clear backlit display and simple design, this is an ideal choice.

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Saber Magnet 24V – UV Coil Cleaner

In many cases, a biofilm will cover a coil and lead to trapped dirt. This needs to be cleaned, which is where Saber Magnet comes in! This product protects your system and ensures it will run efficiently and stay clean.

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APCO-X Air Treatment System

This whole-house air treatment system is designed to improve air quality and create a more comfortable environment using UV-C.

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