Should You Get an Air Quality Test?

Have you had an air quality test in your home? It’s often a neglected service – the assumption is that the air you breathe is fine, and it’s not a pressing concern, so why should you test it?

But air pollutants are oftentimes invisible and odourless – they can cause irritation in your body that people tend to write off as allergies.


Why are Regular Air Quality Tests Important?

You may be breathing in polluted air without even realizing it, causing health issues that can have short-term and long-term effects. Conducting air quality tests regularly can expose air pollutants early, so you can take immediate action to achieve cleaner air.

Air pollution in homes can disrupt sleep, cause irritation in your nasal passages, induce allergies, and more. Workplaces should also take air quality seriously – air pollutants can make you or your colleagues sick, resulting in lost productivity and morale. Ensuring optimal air quality is worth the benefits you get in return.

Should You Get an Air Quality Test?

What are the Benefits of Air Quality Tests?

Poor air quality can cause all kinds of health issues but can also be damaging in several other ways, so there are several positive outcomes of air quality tests.

  • Identifying sources of pollution can make air quality easier to control and reduce odour.
  • Air quality tests can detect asbestos dust before you can, which is highly dangerous and can cause severe health issues.
  • Cleaner air helps your furnace and air conditioner perform more efficiently and reduces the potential for debris blockages.
  • Air quality tests can help reduce the severity of allergies or asthma symptoms at home.
  • If you have pets, their hair and dander can cause air quality problems – you may be able to clean what you can see, but there are microscopic air pollutants from your pets that you can only catch through an air quality test.


What are the Causes of Bad Indoor Air Quality?

Not all air pollutants are from the same place, and some sources may surprise you. Most sources are colourless, odourless, and completely undetectable without air quality tests.

  • When it comes to air pollution, your first thought is likely environmental, like pollen, allergens, or bacteria that can come in from outside.
  • Exhaust fumes from improper venting of gas appliances can lead to small amounts of carbon monoxide leaking out and building up over time.
  • Areas that have high humidity can develop mould spores that contaminate the air.

There are many more causes of poor air quality, and when you book an air quality test, you’ll discover every potential origin of air pollution in your home or business.


How Can JDK Heating & Cooling Help with Air Quality?

To achieve clean air, your home needs a helping hand – with an air cleaner in your home, you can feel safer and achieve noticeably better air. From determining your needs to installation, we can keep your air cleaner and more breathable long-term. Contact us to learn more about how we can help vanquish indoor air pollutants.